Hey guys, Onto the Chococurb box review.
Chococurb is a monthly subscription box that sends you good quality/artisan chocolate bars.
If after this post you are interested, head on over: Chococurb

There are 3 different boxes you can get, a Nano for 10 dollars month which gives you a mix of 5 bite size chocolates. Chococurb Mini (which is the one I picked, I had a coupon so instead of the original 20 I paid 17.00)
The mini gives you 3 chocolate bars/items a month for 20.00.
Chococurb Classic is the big beefy box. You get 5-7 assortments of chocolate bars/items but this one is 35.00 a month.

And here’s where it gets real. I was really looking forward to this box. I waited to order it, because I wanted to treat myself. I rushed to the mail box as soon as it said it was delivered. I excitedly opened it in the car before I even drove home….hence the late pictures with the already opened candy bars.
And to my dismay…two of the three bars/items were peppermint chocolate.
Okay. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely hate with all the passion in the world mint and chocolate as a combo.
If I wanted  mint with my chocolate I’d brush my teeth, then with a mouth full of toothpaste eat a chocolate bar. Sound appetizing? That’s how I associate mint chocolate.
I know, I know ton’s of people love mint chocolate, so this is preferential. In fact the quality of the chocolate I received was amazing.
But here’s my other issue…just because it’s December, doesn’t mean everyone want’s a box of mint chocolate.
The curation of this box left something to be desired, and so I’ve already cancelled. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the idea, and so at a later date I may give chococurb another shot. But I think 20.00 a month is just too much to spend and not love all the items in the box, or at least one…which I didn’t.
Ok, I’ll quit talking as much now and get to the pictures.

Here’s how it came, it was a nice presentation.

Here’s all the chocolates. Like I said, I had already gotten into them. There was a ‘Delicate Embrace Floral Lavender Lemon and Rose Guava chocolate truffles.’ ‘Forte artisan chocolates, classic peppermint bark holiday favorite’ and ‘Ethereal confections, handcrafted inclusion chocolate bar. 66% cacao topped with crushed candy cane bits and cocoa nibs’

All the peppermint….argh.


Here is the Rose Guava truffle, the lavender lemon isn’t pictured, I ate it already in the car.
The Lavender Lemon truffle was actually kinda decent. The lemon flavor was strong with a hint of Lavender, I didn’t hate it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it either. The second one, which is pictured, was so overwhelmingly flower tasting, I felt like I was eating a chocolate dipped flower petal. I didn’t finish it.



This one was actually kind of good. If I could get over the big chunks of candy cane that is. It was a very good quality deliciously smooth dark chocolate. I can totally get behind that. Then you get the crunch of cocoa Nibs…..and….candy cane. It just makes me wan’t to cry


And last, the peppermint bark. I mean….I don’t know how much I can really say about this one. It was pepperminty…and barky..I felt like I was crunching on a  hard mint. Not my thing guys.

And that’s it. sorry if this post seems a little off, I developed a head cold over night and am trying to get over it since Christmas is this weekend and it’s little man’s first. Oh, and cause you know, being sick while at work sucks too.

Chocolate cravings and holiday cheer,


December Ipsy

Hey guys, Looks like Christmas came early…
Ok…maybe not. The pile of presents in my living room waiting to be wrapped definitely says otherwise. If anyone can get a hold of Santa and have him send me one of his elf’s to help for the day I’d appreciate that.
But, it’s like Christmas for me. Because this month’s Ipsy is here, as well as another box. I’ve decided that I’m going to try and do a review of a box in addition to Ipsy every month. Ipsy isn’t going anywhere guys, I absolutely love it. And while every month isn’t a win, I still have really enjoyed it.
So, let’s get into it. Because let’s face it, I don’t have the patience to wait.
So Ipsy is a beauty subscription box, 10 dollars a month. You get sample size and deluxe sample sizes of all kinds of different cosmetics, face oils, and the like.
If after reading this you are interested in getting one you can click this link here:Your own bag of awesome

Now, that link does give me reward points towards getting little freebies so I definitely appreciate you using that link if you decide to get Ipsy. But if you don’t want to, you can go directly too Ipsy
My feelings wont be hurt, I really just love Ipsy and want to share it with all of you 🙂


And here it is, December’s bag. The theme was Carpe P.M.  Let me just say, I love the color, I want to say its a cranberry color, which is super appropriate for the month of December. While I love the color, this is not my favorite bag design. I really wish it was suede or velvety. This may completely be preferential, but its fuzzy and I hate that. I feel like they were going for elegant and failed when they decided to make it fuzzy. If I was going to my 8th grade formal I’d probably love this bag. Actually, probably not, I’ve never really been into fuzzy things. But it does remind me of a dress my little sister wore for Christmas one year when she was about 6 or 7. Okay…I’ll get off the bag design now and move forward with the content.

I’m excited to try this. Ive heard great things about OFRA. It’s a bliss eye-shadow/highlighter. And I could honestly use it as both because it is light enough. Its a very pretty color and I will use it. I watch a lot of unboxings and one of the people I watch was frustrated with the packaging. And I totally have to agree. I know they are just samples, but really as a company you are giving your products in something like this to introduce and create enthusiasm about your products. So…put something into your packaging. It kinda sucks that this is basically a little tin with no lid. This may be preferential, some individuals may have a z palette. I don’t. And I don’t want to have to go out and spend 18.00 for one to put this sample in it to discover if I like your brand…just sayin



The next item was a brush…which is exciting, but not. I think it’s nice to get brushes, I just don’t know much about them or how to use them. This one says it’s a concealer brush. So i’ll be looking into how to use this guy.


This is a Maracuja Oil. It says to take 2-3 drops and rub on your face before bed, you can also use it to heal cuticles and to help with flyaywas and split ends. This is my first oil so I’m pretty stoked. And I have already used it and I loved it. There is something weird about putting oil on your face, but it really did help my face to feel softer.
The box was a little damaged but the bottle was fine, and honestly A+ to Tarte for their effort in the bottle design, it is super cute.

This is a lip treatment. I received a lip treatment in a previous bag, I think Novembers which I didn’t end up getting around to posting up. But honestly, I am happy getting another. when you wear as much red lipstick as I do (usually when I go out with the husband, never really for work) your lips can use some extra nourishment, especially when I use the matte lipsticks they really seem to dry my lips out.


And last but not least. An eyeliner. I love eyeliners, so I am okay with always getting them…however…this one was a bummer. Because…..


It’s brown. I wear black. And I really don’t think I will ever use this because it is brown. Maybe I’ll make myself just to try it out and see how it looks. I saw someone who got a purple/plum color, and I”m not going to lie…I’m a little jelly.

So that’s it: carpe-pm-7
All and all, I liked it. There were a couple things I was like meh about. But let’s face it, the only way im ecstatic is if I get a red lipstick in every bag. I’m obsessed. I think I got good quality products and they are all thing’s other then the eyeliner that I’m interested in trying. so that’s a win in my book.

Stick around, the Chococurb review is coming up next, I was going to do them together, but then decided that it would be overwhelming. And stay tuned for next month. I think we will do a vs box. Ipsy vs. Birchbox.
To be honest, I started off with Birchbox first years ago, and I wasn’t thrilled…so…I’m not super excited. But it’s been a while, so who knows.

Make up on,


October Ipsy Bag

I seriously am in love with subscription boxes. Unfortunately, not all of them have loved me. One example of one is the Bluum box, its a box made for the baby in your life, they pick five items; toys, books, health items and etc for the baby. My experience with them was less then spectacular. It was sad, honestly. And so I parted ways. I wanted it to work out for me but it was just like a bad relationship.
My Ipsy bag however, has been nothing but exciting and I absolutely love it. I am not a makeup connoisseur by any means, but this bag is really a fun experience. So without further ado, here’s October’s Ipsy.


Isn’t it seriously the cutest bag ever? I love it.

And then we get into it and get all the goodies! It’s like Christmas!
Originally when I snuck a peek at my bag (it can’t be helped, I’m too impatient for that surprise life) I was incredibly excited to get the Kat Von D eyeliner, and really bummed about getting the nail polish. Ive been wanting to try that eyeliner so that was exciting. But the nail polish, no Bueno. With Ipsy they have you fill out a style profile so they can curate your bag according to what you like. I definitely have no nail polish selected (as in to get no nail polish). Its a really nice nail polish, the color is pretty and the formula is great quality, but with my job I’ll never be able to wear it. In fact that bottle of nail polish is already marching away to join the bin of misfit nail polishes.


And there is the nail polish pictured above, like I said great color, but I will never be able to wear it.

The lip crayon is very nice, its a matte and goes on a lot lighter then the package shows.

I am not upset about this one at all, its a lip scrub and I’ve been wanting to try one out so I’m actually pretty excited.

Earlier I had mentioned being excited about this one, but ultimately it was a disappointment. The formula is watery and kinda light so it just didn’t live up to my expectations for a eye liner.

This is a face oil, you apply it to a dry face then wet your hands and rub your face, it says the formula will turn milky and you wash it off. I am not quite sure how I feel about putting an oil on my face but I will give it a go.

And that’s it, there’s my October glam bag.
Can I again just say how much I love Ipsy? A while back I tried Birchbox and was disappointed. And here’s why, they really didn’t include much makeup, they give a lot of shampoos, and little baby ones (mind you that both Birchbox and Ipsy are sample’s). If what you are looking for is skin and hair care products I think you would be excited about Birchbox, if not then Ipsy is the way to go.


Just a side note, if you are interested in getting a glam bag of your own go ahead and click this link: Ipsy Glam Bag of your own!
I do get points for you using that link, so if you don’t want to use that link you can also go to just and sign up that way. 🙂
I am not paid to post this, this review is purely my own, mostly because it always interests me to read these from other people, I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to see you around for our next glam bag!