Hey guys, Onto the Chococurb box review.
Chococurb is a monthly subscription box that sends you good quality/artisan chocolate bars.
If after this post you are interested, head on over: Chococurb

There are 3 different boxes you can get, a Nano for 10 dollars month which gives you a mix of 5 bite size chocolates. Chococurb Mini (which is the one I picked, I had a coupon so instead of the original 20 I paid 17.00)
The mini gives you 3 chocolate bars/items a month for 20.00.
Chococurb Classic is the big beefy box. You get 5-7 assortments of chocolate bars/items but this one is 35.00 a month.

And here’s where it gets real. I was really looking forward to this box. I waited to order it, because I wanted to treat myself. I rushed to the mail box as soon as it said it was delivered. I excitedly opened it in the car before I even drove home….hence the late pictures with the already opened candy bars.
And to my dismay…two of the three bars/items were peppermint chocolate.
Okay. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely hate with all the passion in the world mint and chocolate as a combo.
If I wanted  mint with my chocolate I’d brush my teeth, then with a mouth full of toothpaste eat a chocolate bar. Sound appetizing? That’s how I associate mint chocolate.
I know, I know ton’s of people love mint chocolate, so this is preferential. In fact the quality of the chocolate I received was amazing.
But here’s my other issue…just because it’s December, doesn’t mean everyone want’s a box of mint chocolate.
The curation of this box left something to be desired, and so I’ve already cancelled. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the idea, and so at a later date I may give chococurb another shot. But I think 20.00 a month is just too much to spend and not love all the items in the box, or at least one…which I didn’t.
Ok, I’ll quit talking as much now and get to the pictures.

Here’s how it came, it was a nice presentation.

Here’s all the chocolates. Like I said, I had already gotten into them. There was a ‘Delicate Embrace Floral Lavender Lemon and Rose Guava chocolate truffles.’ ‘Forte artisan chocolates, classic peppermint bark holiday favorite’ and ‘Ethereal confections, handcrafted inclusion chocolate bar. 66% cacao topped with crushed candy cane bits and cocoa nibs’

All the peppermint….argh.


Here is the Rose Guava truffle, the lavender lemon isn’t pictured, I ate it already in the car.
The Lavender Lemon truffle was actually kinda decent. The lemon flavor was strong with a hint of Lavender, I didn’t hate it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it either. The second one, which is pictured, was so overwhelmingly flower tasting, I felt like I was eating a chocolate dipped flower petal. I didn’t finish it.



This one was actually kind of good. If I could get over the big chunks of candy cane that is. It was a very good quality deliciously smooth dark chocolate. I can totally get behind that. Then you get the crunch of cocoa Nibs…..and….candy cane. It just makes me wan’t to cry


And last, the peppermint bark. I mean….I don’t know how much I can really say about this one. It was pepperminty…and barky..I felt like I was crunching on a  hard mint. Not my thing guys.

And that’s it. sorry if this post seems a little off, I developed a head cold over night and am trying to get over it since Christmas is this weekend and it’s little man’s first. Oh, and cause you know, being sick while at work sucks too.

Chocolate cravings and holiday cheer,


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